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How Ransomware Works

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Below is an excerpt of an important new fact sheet provided by our partner Arcserve explaining how ransomware works, and how to protect your system.  Download the full Pdf “How Ransomware Works — Your Malware Encryption 101”

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How Ransomware Works

Imagine your data inaccessible. Now, imagine it inaccessible and encrypted, with a ransom note attached. Today,
cyber criminals are encrypting businesses’ servers and workloads, and then demanding money for the encryption
key. It’s called ransomware—and it’s on a meteoric rise.

Like other virus attacks, ransomware is a malicious attack—though this type of intrusion effectively kidnaps your data.

The infected data and systems are just the start, of course. Untold time and money, not to mention hard-won
reputation, can be lost as a result of the downtime and data loss—all with devastating consequences for your business.

It’s important to keep in mind, here, that these ransomware perpetrators are not to be characterized as pesky
kids with computer smarts. These are ruthless, highly organized, professional criminals, inventing new methods of
invasion every single day.

Of course, forewarned is forearmed, so let’s get started—here’s how ransomware works.

How ransomware spreads

Ransomware relies on deception to infect your systems. And you have to understand how, exactly, it gets in…

Download the full Pdf “How Ransomware Works — Your Malware Encryption 101”


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